I've always been a firm believer that sending a greeting card is one of the simplest ways to brighten a person's day. Whether it is hand-made or store bought, one's written message inside a card is what I feel matters the most. I also believe that with the current digital age we are completely consumed in, receiving snail mail is one of the last remaining ways to let a person know you made an effort and took time to send them a personalized, hand-written message.

I decided to combine my passion for illustration and desire to keep snail mail alive and well by creating what you see below - my own line of unique, light-hearted and fun greeting cards called "Hi" Notes. This has been one of the more entertaining and challenging projects I've embarked on as a designer. Expanding my collection of cards is continuous fun. The challenge has been in starting and maintaining a small side business, but in the end, it is my enthusiasm for quirky illustrations and spreading the joys of sending snail mail that allows me to embrace all aspects of running this small greeting cards line. Take a look at my Etsy account to see the latest designs I've created - www.etsy.com/shop/hinotesgreetingcards.